Manuscripts In The Church

In this module we find the first use of manuscripts in the church and in the secular world.  This was a monumental shift.  More people had access to information on how to go about their lives.  If you can, imagine how it would be to only get information by word of mouth, no phones, no social media, no TV shows or movies, no radio, no books, no magazines,  no newspapers, etc.  Stories were told by memory, lessons were learned from elders, and the church taught how to live a good life.The Illuminated Manuscript is an elaborately painted document.  Please select two manuscripts from Chapters 15 and 16.(They can be from different cultures or periods, secular and non secular)  Use the formal elements to compare and contrasts your works.  Differences can include where the illumination is found in the document and the type of material used.  Please identify the pieces that you are discussing and post images.  300 words is a minimum but please make sure you are not padding.

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