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After reading Peter Hall (2002) text (including the editors LeGates & Stout’s introduction to The City Reader, 2015) what is good city form for you? Which utopian/visionary we covered so far in this class inspires your thinking? (e.g., Jane Jacobs, Robert Moses, Daniel Burnham, Frederick Olmsted, Kevin Lynch, Ebenezer Howard, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright). And why?  Create a city plan for the future (schematic on a piece of paper with some color pens, if available) of your ideal city (e.g., green city, compact city).Your city should have areas designated as residential (yellow), commercial (red), industrial (gray), mixed-use (orange), educational institutions (blue), open space/parks(green), and transportation corridors. Take a picture of your diagram with your cell phone and post here along with a description of your ideal city form. Feel free to be creative! To add images, click on the image icon to embed the image directly rather than attaching it. Please also include 100-200 description of the diagram and the reasoning for its design, please write from the “I” perspective!

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