Marijuana in America

Purpose: A writer’s ability to incorporate several skills into one paper/article/book allows for a sophisticated and persuasive argument.  In this paper, you are expected to utilize all of the writing skills that paper one and two required to complement your argument, though the emphasis here is on incorporating argument sources and responding. This paper requires more careful attention to researching and utilizing sources more specific to your argument/topic. In addition, as opposed to the first two papers’ focus on mostly historical perspectives of the marijuana controversy, this assignment asks that you also examine the major influences on the marijuana debate today.Task: Paper 3 (6-7 pgs):  In a recent Washington Post article, long time cannabis activist Michael Aldrich,  argued that legalization is both generational and inevitable, claiming: “marijuana’s going to be legal in the United States in 10 years. Of course, I first said that in 1967.” He argues, “It’s taken 40 years to reach a point where our national leaders have smoked. The last three presidents have admitted it.”  Develop an argument about the recent shift in marijuana culture and/or politics towards legalization.Page numbers and citation (Chicago) required.At least four exhibit sources/At least three argument sources            Notes: Suggestions, not required:What is unique to today’s marijuana culture and how does it influence politics?To what extent does youth politics and youth culture matter in the current debate over recreational marijuana? Does social media make a difference?How has the political terrain (voters’ issues/concerns) around marijuana shifted, or have politicians played a role in making this shift possible? What role does gender play in this process?What role does race play in this process?How do economic conditions and incentives contribute to the debate?What role has marijuana played in the war on drugs?  Has that changed?What role has the medicinal marijuana movement played in the push for recreational marijuana?How is the opposition to marijuana legalization similar/different from previous arguments about the marijuana problem?Is the legalization of cannabis inevitable?  What are the possible barriers/problems?

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