Provide an in depth managerial analysis of marketing analytics ututilization to increase sales revenue and market share.  Some topics for consideration to be addressed as applicable:  Marketing datao How is marketing data generatedHow is marketing prepared for analysis Sales trendsMethodologieso Examples Demand curveso Methodologieso ExamplesPricing Models Methodologies ExamplesCustomer Segmentations Methodologies  ExamplesRESEARCH METHODOLOGIES:Academic databasesCompany websitesInternet searchGoogle ScholarEmployee interviewsLENGTH:13 double spaced pages for the body of the report. You should also have a cover page and a reference list, (these two pages do not count toward the thirteen).FORMAT OF REPORT:APA style, with in text citations and a fully documented reference page. Double spaced, one inch margins, 12-point font.

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