Marketing and Operations Management Activities of The Business

1.1 Your task is to research the market sector in which the case study organization operates and produce a business report that delivers a critical evaluation of the value chain activities of the case study organization. The report must identify opportunities for value creation in the marketing and operations management activities of the business and suggest how this will support the organization in gaining competitive advantage within the sector. The report must use detailed and referenced analytical models, appropriate to the case study organization.1.2 The business report must cover the points listed below.1.2.1 Carry out detailed research to provide you with up-to-date information appropriate to delivering a strategic level investigation on the case study organization. The research information should enable you to carry out a critical evaluation of the business’s value-added strategy reviewing the marketing and operations activities and analysing how these deliver strategic goals. 1.2.2 Demonstrate a critical understanding of how the case study organization co-creates value for customers through the integration of core aspects of marketing and operations management. This includes how value is created holistically through the market research, product development, prototype, supply chain, production, and diffusion into the related markets1.2.3 Deliver a critical appraisal of the organization’s practice to related marketing and operations management theory.1.2.4 Synthesise suitable recommendations for the case study organization to improve marketing and operations management strategy and deliver enhanced value creation and competitive advantage. Your suggestions for implementation must be supported by relevant theoretical underpinnings, research into the sector and application to analytical models.

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