Marketing Challenges & Opportunities in the 21st Century

Marketing Challenges & Opportunities in the 21st CenturyResearch Paper

Possible Points: 100

Objective:       This assignment will give you the opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities facing organizations as they search for strategic methods of marketing their products and services in increasingly competitive global and domestic markets.

Process:          Perform your research of various marketing issues via Smiley library databases, newspapers, journals, articles, and/or the Internet.  The goal of your research should be to gather information needed to fully address and support your paper’s narrative in response to the following:

How can organizations best exploit the power of social media in their strategic marketing plans? What are the challenges social media presents regarding target market identification, privacy issues,and metrics creation to ensure strategies are effective?
How can organizations address the challenges and opportunities of establishing or enhancing a global presence for their products and/or services? How can they target a global audience while preserving a viable domestic market?
Describe how changes in technology present opportunities and challenges to marketers. Provide examples.
What resources are available to marketers to assist them in monitoring and responding to an ever-changing consumer market? Provide examples.
Discuss leadership and ethical issues, challenges and opportunities in the 21st century marketing environment.


You must have a minimum of five sources
At least two sources which are not from the Internet (may come from CMU Library Databases)
Your paper should use APA (6 edition) format (title page with running head, in-text citations, reference page, etc.). No abstract page is required. A helpful link to Purdue Owl: APA Formatting is located in myCMU Resources and Materials/Bookmarks
Package your report with a title page with running head, headings, introductory paragraph, narrative on your research, conclusion paragraph, reference page, and appendix containing charts/graphs and other supporting documentation.
Expected length would be five to six double-spaced pages (not including your title page, reference page and any appendix pages) 12 pt. font Times New Roman.
Paper will be submitted via TurnItIn. TurnItInsimilarity score should be below 20%. Instructions for utilizing TurnItIn are located in myCMU Resources and Materials/Handouts
See associated grading rubric, located in myCMU Resources and Materials/Handouts, for specific point distribution

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