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The questions below are what need to be written about. Which, is on a product that I will provide information on below the questions.A. Channels of distribution (micro analysis). (This section is about the specific types of distribution in your marketing plan)1. Retailers (Type and number of retail stores; Retail markups for products in each type of retail store; Methods of operation for each type (cash/credit); Scale of operation for each type (small/large).2. Wholesale middlemen (Type and number of wholesale middlemen; Markup for class of products by each type; Methods of operation for each type (cash/credit); Scale of operation (small/large)3. Warehousing (Type and Location) B. Price determination1. Cost of the shipment of goods 2. Transportation costs 3. Handling expenses (Pier and Wharfage fee; Loading and unloading charges) 4. Insurance costs; Customs duties; Import taxes; Wholesale and retail markups and discounts. 5. Company’s gross margins 6. Retail priceAbout my specific product:- The product: Global Charter has developed a universal e-learning system adaptable to any culture, called Smart Start.- We will offer a tuition program of $5,000 per year as a fully enrolled student payment options as well as assistance will be there to help cover the cost. Also, we offer course ale-cart options at $11 dollars per student per class.- We Plan to distribute our EdTech products by using the Freemium models. This means that we can offer a customized package of courses or subjects and pay per course/subject option by implementing this model. We also are a fully function education facility that is an accredited charter or cyber school. “Whatever your plan is, we will work with you!” Prerecorded lectures like we had mentioned previously will accommodate students practicing in religious activities or who are sick, depending on their needs we will make accommodations, so no child is left behind.- We plan to Promote Global Charter to our customers by television commercials, print media, digital advertising, cold calling, demo sessions (conferences), making connections with a local school and colleges, and Building a partnership. Of course, this is all dependent on the planned budget that we have set into place to make the accommodations. We can also easily reach our consumers by connecting to them through the app, google play, and the apple store.-Inside the Smart Start program, we offer our learners the ability to achieve their fullest potential by either entering our mainstream educational plan or ale cart programs (picking and choosing from a variety of classes offered throughout the evenings after school as well as during the weekends in both countries India and South Africa. Our Full educational path will be their only school if chosen as a typical online cyber school where they will work with educated teachers both in their home countries who will guide them to strive to achieve the best they can be.

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