Marketing Plan

Imagine you are in business for some 3-5 years now, or just about to start a new one. Name the business Create a 3-year marketing plan for the business. Your marketing plan must be ONLY 6-10 pages in length (minimum and maximum) not counting appendices, table of contents, and cover page, and typed double-spaced. Put page numbers. Your marketing plan must include the following contents (in that order): Table of contents, complete with page numbers (5 points) Executive summary (5 points) Company Description (5 points) Strategic Focus and Plan (including Mission/Vision) (5 points) Situation Analysis (including SWOT analysis) (10 points) Market-Product Focus (i.e. Marketing and Product Objectives) (5 points) Marketing Program (i.e. the 4 Ps under separate subheadings) (20 points) Financial Data and Projections (i.e. Annual Financial Projections of revenues, expenses, and profits for 3 future years) (15 points) Organization (i.e. The organizational and staffing plan) (5 points) Implementation Plan (10 points) Evaluation Plan (i.e. Controls and Contingency Plan) (10 points) Appendices (Organizational Chart; Biographical Sketches of Key Personnel, etc.) (5 points) Respect the general writing style guidelines for marketing plans

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