Marketing Plan

I need a marketing plan for the business which is given by the lecture. which needs to be the format prescribed. it should include everything as per the format says and analysis should be done accordingly. its a group assignment but I’m doing it on my own.  it needs to be in high standard and I don’t have any time to check n re-do it because the date mentioned is my deadline. ill include by rubrics, subject outline, format and scenario.  Do: · Present the marketing plan in report format with subheadings and paragraphs following the structure outlined in Chapter 14 of the text. · Use tables, diagrams and further analysis of data to clarify,illustrate and supplement analysis and support your recommendations. · Use page numbers and double line spacing for ease of reading and feedback. · Use citations from original sources when they are used, using an accepted format such as APA. If sources have not been acknowledge, they will be considered as plagiarised. · Proof read your report thoroughly, for grammatical and spelling errors.   Do not: · Use bullet points unless you are simply presenting a list which is self-explanatory. Bullet points do not lend themselves to discussion and explanations (Note that you are now reading a bullet point which is totally self-contained and requires no further explanation!). · Copy material from other sources without acknowledging the source. Failure to acknowledge the source will be interpreted as plagiarism which is a serious offence

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