Marketing Simulation

The Music2Go Marketing Simulation gives you the opportunity to formulate and implement a Marketing Campaign within your own company (an MP3 Player Manufacturer). Music2Go will require you to analyze Company Reports and Market Research to implement your own Marketing Plan while keeping to a fixed budget. Each week you will need to log into the Smart sims website, open your Music2Go company, and make decisions before the Sunday midnight (MST) rollover (decision deadline). In the first decision period, you will be making decisions for the company’s only product. These decisions will be Retail Price, Retail Margin, Advertising budget, Advertising mix, and entering a Sales Forecast. In the following weeks, you will be able to make Sales Promotion decisions, conduct Product Development, and Launch New Products. The success of your decisions will be determined by your Total Marketing Contribution (TMC) over the length of the simulation. To begin you must first register for the Music2Go Marketing Simulation through the Smartsims website. After registration has been completed, it is strongly recommended you start by reading the Music2Go Assignment Schedule, Music2Go Player’s Manual, and view the Music2Go Tutorial Videos available through the Smartsims website. For this assignment you are required to complete each of the following: Part A. Conduct a Situation Analysis, Part B. Write a Marketing Plan.

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