Marquis view on abortion

Rubric: Online Class Attendance/Weekly Participation in ForumsThe first day of class each week, Monday, you will need to go to the Learning Content tab to obtain your readings and topics for the week. The forum discussions will be linked to the Discussion Forum tab for each week. The initial student posting on the questions are to be a minimum of 100 words and to be posted in the forum for all classmates to view by Friday 12 p.m. EST. Then all students must reply to at least one other student postingsStudent forum participation will be graded on:Superior (5 points): Forum post displays critical and/or creative thinking as well as knowledge of required readings. The post demonstrates a critical or evaluative analysis which meets a minimum length requirement of 100 words for initial posting and includes sources of reference and appropriate citations to quoted documents. [APA Style].Good (4 points): Post reveals good insight or understanding of the material and argues relevant points with supporting evidence. The forum post connects to prior content covered and shows application to life experiences or other courses completed. Utilizes at least two sources referencedAverage (3points): Largely informational, the post does not reveal analytical or interpretive analysis, and does not frequently integrate various sources into each posting. Posting displays basic, course content information but does not connect the ideas to any primary or secondary sources and no evidence of critical analysis.Below Average (2 points): Minimal work which needs significant concept construction and development because there is no demonstration of understanding or engagement with the course content or relevant issues.Failing (1 point): Post lacked demonstration that the readings were completed or comprehended. Also a lack of the above stated expectations or integration of material was evident.Zero points: Assignment submitted late or not at all.

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