Mass Communication Influence

What trends in Information Technology interest you? Think about a topic in the field of infotech that you would love to explore. It effects? Future? History? Politics & regulation?  Research & Development? Technicalities? Mass Communication influence in everyday life? Engineering aspects?  Format template to follow:    Intro,  Brief literature search review,  Analysis (critical thinking)&Individual Perspective,  and Summary  (reference 3 to 5 to be noted) MLA or APA formatting. The length of paper to be 6 to 8 pages,  1400 words class average, this includes a cover Title page and the last page, the bibliography page.    The paper should be double-spaced.  Do not use the textbook for reference.    Grading Rubrics:  Title Page 5pts, Introduction 10pts, Literature Review 30 pts.  Critical Analysis  30 pts,  Summary 10pts,  Formatting  & Page length 10pts     Citation Page 5 pts.

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