Math Discussion 

Description In this discussion, you will explore the zeros of polynomials. Instructions Step 1: Respond to the following: Imagine you are writing exam questions for an algebra course. You want to write questions that include finding the zeros of polynomials. To balance the difficulty level of the test’s questions, you decide to include two different types of questions, as described here: Question #1: A polynomial of degree at least 3 where all the zeros are positive whole numbers Question #2: A polynomial of degree at least 3 where one or more of the roots are fractions Find two polynomials for the two described questions. Explain how you know each question satisfies the requirements stated. What approach did you use to find these polynomials? Discussion Board 9: Vaccination and Immunity Description: Discuss the process of vaccination and how it confers immunity to the person being vaccinated. Apply this knowledge to the clinical setting to define the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. Objectives: Describe the concept of vaccination and how it produces immunity. Instructions: Step 1: Respond to the following prompts. A patient presents in your office to get their child vaccinated, and you as the healthcare provider are tasked with administering the vaccine. Before allowing their child to be vaccinated, they relay to you that they have been researching vaccination online and have concerns with regards to vaccine effectiveness and safety. What would be your response to this concerned parent? How would you support the safety and effectiveness of vaccines using statistically significant evidence? Step 2: Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two other students. Incorporate personal experience, if appropriate, to help support or debate other students’ posts. If differences of opinion occur, debate the issues and provide examples to support opinions. Be sure to cite any outside sources in current APA format. Discussion Board 9: Public Speaking Description: In this discussion, you will explore the advantages and disadvantages of self-disclosing apprehension with members of an audience. Objectives: Explore the nature of public speaking and suggestions for managing anxiety and procrastination. Identify suggestions for managing apprehension in public speaking and for overcoming procrastination. Instructions: Step 1: Respond to the following prompts: This is your first experience with public speaking and you’re very nervous. You’re afraid you’ll forget your speech and stumble. So you’re wondering if it would be a good idea to alert your audience to your nervousness. If you decide to say something, what are some things you might say? Are there advantages and disadvantages to what you might say? What would you say? What good reasons can you give to say nothing?

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