Matrix Philosophy

Evaluate the movie, The Matrix, in terms of the philosophical issues raised with (1) skepticism and (2) the mind-body problem. Explain how the movie raises questions similar to those found in Plato’s and Descartes’ philosophy. Do not give a plot summary of the movie – focus on the philosophical issues raised in the movie as they relate to Plato and Descartes.

This 4 – 5 full page (not to exceed 6 pages) Philosophical Essay you will be writing due Week 7 is designed to be a thoughtful, reflective work. The 4 – 5 full pages does not include a cover page or a works cited page. It will be your premier writing assignment focused on the integration and assessment relating to the course concepts. Your paper should be written based on the outline you submitted during week 4 combined with your additional thoughts and instructor feedback. You will use at least three scholarly/reliable resources with matching in-text citations and a Works Cited page. All essays are double spaced, 12 New Times Roman font, paper title, along with all paragraphs indented five spaces.

You took an interesting approach to this outline and I think that it could make for a promising paper (please also see my inline comments). But in the bigger picture, you will need to relate those metaphysical issues with Plato and Descartes (and they can be too metaphysical to relate to the movie effectively) to the movie, and you have not really one that so much here, so that will be a bit of a challenge as you write the essay. With Plato, you might want to explore his allegory of the cave in relation to the movie, and for sources for both thinkers, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and/or the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy could be good resources to use to guide you.

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