Measles Infection

Assigned to an outreach team to ensure that members of your community are prepared to prevent and reduce the burden of disease related to Measles infection. Based on the available evidence, you are asked to develop and disseminate a community-based strategy to the population you serve to minimize the impacts of a potential epidemic.

Explain the Consequences of the measles Problem for the Community of Low income and schools (unvaccinated).
I. Describe the Problem

In a manner that is understandable by the target community(ies)(low-income community) people attending schools, each presentation should introduce the Measles virus and how it is spread. Attention should be placed on individual, interpersonal, and community-level factors, as defined by the social-ecological model. It is important to describe these influences as they pertain to the specific at-risk groups found in the constituent population.

II. Explain the Consequences of the Problem for the Community

In addition to describing the process(es) in which Measles may infect particular segments of the population, the presentation should detail the immediate, sustained, and/or permanent consequences of a Measles epidemic. Should not only discuss the effects of Measles on an infected person, but also the broader impacts within the interpersonal and community levels of the social-ecological model.

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