Media and Millennial Prejudices Presentation

This is a psychology-based presentation speech of information that will be used in conjunction with a visual presentation (powerpoint). The maximum length must be 1000 words, equivalent to 7.7 minutes of talk time, and a bare minimum of 850 words.  A Literature review will be included to base the primary talking points on, including pdfs of the references included to aid in the development of the presentation speech.  This speech must reference key elements of the literature review references and provided pdfs in order to meet the required guidelines.  The topic is based on the current racial and discriminatory events that have occurred in recent years, and the misinformation presented by media outlets, and the impact such media has on the major users (Millennials) of these outlets. Finally, potential ideas on how this information can benefit others, potential ideas for research to evaluate this information’s utility, and what need this information fulfills is observed.

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