Medical Life at the Battlefield

Clara Barton, Medical Life at the Battlefield (1862) Born in Massachusetts, Clare Barton was a teacher and clerk in the U.S. Patent Office. Upon the arrival of the Civil War, she organized a network, separate from the government, to get food, supplies and nursing aid to the soldiers. She served as a nurse on several battlefields including Fredricksburg and Antietam. After the war, Barton went to Europe for a time where she became involved in the International Red Cross. Upon her return she worked for the establishment of the American Red Cross. Though she had much government opposition to her efforts, in 1882 the Senate ratified the Geneva Convention and the American Red Cross was born. At the age of 77 Barton again served conflict during the Spanish American war. These letters reveal the horrific nature of the Civil War battlefield. Instructions 1. Read the attached document and answer the following questions: What does Barton’s account reveal about the difficulties and obstacles facing army nurses and medical personnel during the war? Given the description presented by Barton, what conclusions can be made regarding the conditions of battle for the soldiers. How effective was the care given to the injured? Grading Policy: Discussion Posts must be submitted in the proper format (see instructions). For each post, students are expected to craft a well-written entry that fulfills the assignment requirements. Discussion posts allow the student to explore an aspect of history that is of interest to them and share that topic with the class. As such, information provided must be from credible resources (see instructions). Discussion posts are graded within one week of the due date posted. Please review the rubric for each assignment. The rubric will help you understand how I will grade your post. Student Learning Outcome Analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources (Critical Thinking; Communication Skills; Personal Responsibility; Social Responsibility). SLO2

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