Mental Health

The patient’s initial bloods showed that he was neutropenic, his white blood cell count was very low and it was established that he had neutropenic sepsis. His sputum was cultured and showed he had Pneumocystis jiroveci and was diagnosed with Pneumocystic Pneumonia. He was commenced on co-trimoxazole 2g QDS IV. He was also prescribed Salbutamol nebs 2.5mgs QDS and Hydrocortisone 150mgs IV TDS. As part of the initial Atypical pneumonia screen the patient had a HIV test carried out, this was positive and his CD4 count was 350. The patient’s condition improved with the NIV and antifungal treatment and his respiratory failure resolved. He was then able to communicate in English and it was established that his name is Adnan Farhat (likes to be known as Addie), he is 17 years old. Addie came to the UK just over 2 years ago fleeing the war in Syria where both of his parents were killed. He spent 4 months in a refugee camp in Greece before coming to the UK under the Syrian refugee resettlement scheme. As he was only 14 he was placed in foster care in Kent but because of bullying and abuse he ran away from his carers after 12 months and has been homeless since. Addie confirms that to get by he has been working as a sex worker in London, but recently returned to Kent as he ‘thinks people are nicer’. All this is just to give you an idea of what i want to write about, the topic is mental health of the above patient, which should reflect in the mental health of these patient. is a presentation that i will do in just 5 minutes, which means few bullet point, each one will be summarised, with references and it should be harvard referencing. pls is just 5 minutes which means not much. 

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