Mental Health Treatment and Incarceration

Write a policy paper on Mental Health Treatment and Incarceration  This paper must be written in APA 6th edition format, which includes a title page, body of at least 5 full pages and a maximum of 8 pages, and a reference page.  Address the policy problem you are writing about this term ? Two alternative proposals you are suggesting to address this problem ? The political ramifications of your suggested alternative Some sources used Wildeman, C., & Wang, E. A. (2017). Mass Incarceration, public health, and widening inequality in the USA. The Lancet, 389(10077), 1464-1474. Barnert, E. S., Perry, R., & Morris, R. E. (2016). Juvenile Incarceration and health. Academic pediatrics, 16(2), 99-109.

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