Mentally Ill Patients

1.      1.  Why it’s important for the Court to be involved or interfere in treatment when it comes to mentally ill patients?  (Mentally ill patients can’t always make the right decisions about their own medical care).   2.      2.  Why it’s important for nurses to have strong ethics?    3.  Autonomy—the ability to do as one chooses—is highly prized by many in the West. In your view is autonomy a good or bad thing? Reflect on this scenario in your response. You are about to send your 18-year-old daughter off to college in another state. How much freedom (autonomy) should she have? Complete autonomy? Partial autonomy? What boundaries would you impose (if any) and why? (I believe she should have partial autonomy) *each answer should have approximately 90 words.  thank you.      4.

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