Mercedes- Benz Pricing Probe

Clip: Watch the short clip above and answer the following questions. Just copy and paste the link to your search bar and it will go straight to the video (Links to an external site.) 1.Reflect on the presence of companies like Mercedes-Benz in China. What do they mean to the country? Does China need them? 2.Consider the position of Mercedes-Benz. Why do you think it lowered prices? What is the company hoping to achieve? Does Mercedes-Benz, as a global automaker, have the upper hand in the situation? Why or why not? Do you think the company made the right decision? 3.With these recent moves against Mercedes-Benz and other multinational companies, is China turning its back on policies that have helped it grow its economy and prosper? As a CEO of a company considering investing in the market, what do the actions by the Chinese government mean to you?

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