Meta-Analysis Journal

You will read the story that will be uploaded and follow the instructions to complete the reading journal. Please label it how it is shown below. It is important that you proofread your work for logic and grammar errors. Each journal should have each of the following clearly labeled– ******************** Your name: Journal 1 Option # Part 1: text Part 2: text Part 3: text ********************* ***************************************************************************** THIS IS THE FORMAT Reading Journal Option 2: Reading Meta-Analysis Journal (250-500 words) Read carefully, annotating the text as you go. If you “Talk to the Text” while you are reading it, you will remember what you read and will have more ideas about what to write about in your journal. Then: 1. Write a 1 paragraph explanation of your reading process. How did this particular reading go for you? If you are not sure how to answer this question, choose one or two of the following prompts. While I was reading, I felt confused when . . . I was distracted by . . . I started to think about . . . I got stuck when . . . The time went quickly because . . . I stopped because . . . I lost track of everything except . . . I figured out that . . . I first thought but then realized that . . . I finally understood . . . I remembered that earlier in the book . . . 2. Write down 4 “survival words” from this particular reading—words that you feel are important to understand in order to understand the text, or that you have decided to learn as part of your pursuit of college level academic literacy. 3. Define the words you choose and in 1 paragraph explain why you chose them as “survival words.” In other words, explain what an understanding of these words added to your understanding of the reading.

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