Three- to six-page essay (full pages, not counting your Works Cited page). Excess pages are judged on a “need” basis. To meet the “complete” draft requirement, essay text must reach the bottom of the third page, include in-text citations, and have a separate Works Cited page. SOURCE MATERIAL  Two credible sources. To ensure credibility, these sources should come from printed materials such as books, magazines, or newspapers; personal interviews; or an established database such as N.C. Live. If you are not sure whether you are using legitimate sources, consult the guidelines for choosing sources in chapters 45-47 of your textbook. If you are still not sure, please ask me. Avoid user-editable web sites such as Wikipedia and Associated Content, and essay mills such as Using them (or similar sites) will result in an automatic 10% grade deduction, no exceptions. If you are not sure, ask. All information that is common knowledge MUST be cited. Failure to do so results in plagiarism, whether it is intentional or not (see our Academic Integrity Policy from the syllabus for the consequences of plagiarism). If you are not sure about what sources to cite, ask me. I’m more than happy to help you with navigating this. MLA MLA-8 formatting is required. This means proper header information, correct page layout, paraphrases and direct quotations using correct in-text citations, and a separate, alphabetically organized Works Cited page that appears at the end. These guidelines (with examples) are available in your textbook or online at Using MLA formatting tools in a word processing program or a web site such as Citation Machine is not prohibited, but highly discouraged. You are responsible for ensuring correct MLA, not the computer. You can only learn by doing (also, since the MLA style was updated in 2016, some processors will result in incorrect citations). FONTS  Times New Roman only. 12-point size only. Double-space line heights. TITLE, FILENAME, and FILE TYPE Give your essay an original, provoking title. Always name the file using your first and last name, the genre, and the draft version. For example, a student named John Smith will name his report first draft “John Smith Report First Draft.” >>>>> Name File “Stantrell Huntley Final Draft” Save the file type as .doc or .docx MECHANICS Observe the rules of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. POINT OF VIEW Third-person point of view only. No first- (I) or second-person (you) point of view. KEY FEATURES and RHETORICAL SITUATIONS a. A tightly focused topic. b. Accurate, well-researched information. c. Various writing strategies. d. Clear definitions.

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