Methodology Proposal

This paper should be 5-7 pages, double-spaced, and in APA format. Your paper should also contain 2 or more sources. Please include a title page and reference page (title page and the reference page are not considered part of the 5-7-page requirement). The appendix should include, at the very least, the form you are planning to use for informed consent and the proposed research instrument. The format is as follows: Introduction: Research question or hypothesis  State the research question includes 2 paragraphs on the background/history of the topic and its relevance to social work What data is presented in scholarly articles and other literature as it relates to what you would like to learn more about? Sampling ProceduresWho would be the participants in the study? How should the researcher go about obtaining them? Why is this group of individuals being chosen for the study? What will be the inclusion and exclusion criteria?InstrumentationWhat type of instrument design would be utilized (survey, questionnaire, standardized instrument, or a review of records)? How many questions should the instrument contain and what type (open-ended, closed-ended)? Will demographic information be obtained on participants? If so, what type of information will be collected and why? Indicate the approximate amount of time it would take for the instrument to be completed.Indicate that the instrument will be pre-tested for validity (for non-standardized instruments).What are the strengths and limitations for the type of instrument being used? Data Collection & Analysis How do you plan to collect data? Will you review/evaluate/explore programs? Do you plan to review and analyze literature? Explain in detail what you plan to explore or evaluate. Indicate that the researcher will also determine if the data support conclusions/literature Proposed Findings/ Hypothesis What do you hope to find out? How will you set aside your bias to objectively research your topic? Study Limitations, Ethics, and DisseminationConsider the following possible limitations of the study: small sample size, limited time to conduct study, bias, etc. Indicate that to maintain ethical principles, the researcher will protect the confidentiality of any individual and/or program utilized during your research project.  Indicate the researcher will disseminate the findings by presenting them to agency staff.For more information read this:

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