Mexico Border Wall

Paper three will be your final paper – you need to choose from one of these topics and then write a 5-7 page academic argument of evaluation along with a proposed solution to the problem. This is due the last week of class. The topics are: The Border Fence (chosen topic) Watch these videos on the subject – remember – this will be 5-7 pages so you need to use the Toulmin outline in more detail For Example: Intro – define your topic Give a story about why you are taking a stance for or against give your three reasons for your stance (this paragraph should be about 3/4 of a page) Support I – evidence, data, details (at least 3/4 page paragraph) Support II – e, d, d (at least 3/4 page para ) support III – e, d, d (at least 3/4 paragraph) Counter – one page Rebuttal and conclusion (one page) This should give you at least 5 pages

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