Microbe Protozoa

Class Project:

You will be required to pick a microbe of interest. It can be a bacterium, virus, fungus, or parasite. It does not have to cause disease, but you do want to pick something to get enough information for your oral presentation. This will be one required meeting for theclass so please make sure you can attend on the day and time it isdue. If for some reason, you will not be available, any potential makeups will be handled at the instructor’s discretion. You should do

research on your microbe and use the information you find to create aposter (either using a real poster board if you have one handy orutilizing a single PowerPoint slide – I will give details on how to do this one at a later date). When preparing your poster, you should include the most important facts on your organism. Your name and references (YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES) should be included. Wikipedia may not be used as a reference!!! Also, be creative…points will be given for creativity. The day of the oral presentations, we will meettogether as a group using BlackBoard Collaborate. I will provide a linkto the classroom. During your oral report, you will display your poster (or send me the PowerPoint file ahead of time so I can share with the class during your talk) and give a 3 – 5minutepresentation. Points will be deducted for presentations that are too short or too long, so Isuggest you practice prior to the day you present to make sure you are within your time limit.

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