Milestone One Literature Review Draft

Submit a draft of the literature review due as part of your final research investigation using the three articles that were provided for your track and topic in Module Two, as well as two additional articles that you will find as part of this assignment, as a total of five articles are required for your final project. Rather than following the format of a typical lengthier APA literature review, you will instead prepare five shorter, adapted, individual literature reviews (one for each article) using the Literature Review Template provided below. The final version of the literature review will be submitted in Module Seven as part of Final Project. As you did with your journal assignment last week, you will use the Literature Review Template to analyze the two additional articles, building upon the work you completed last week. Refer to the Literature Review Basics document as well as the Literature Review Example to assist you. To complete this assignment, review the Final Project Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric document.

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