Mini Research Paper

Your final Research Paper is a culmination of all of the information we have been providing to you each unit, plus a title page, literature review, discussion section, and reference page. This will be about 8-10 pages long (including title and references) and will resemble and follow the structure of a very brief but standard APA-Style research paper. It will look like a mixture between a research paper and an outline of a research paper. It will follow APA style. Please see the Research Paper Rubric in the Course Information page for specifics on how the completed paper, as well the Research Paper SafeAssignments will be graded. There will also be a sample research paper available in the Course Information page. For this Assignment, you will be graded on ten different components.   1.      Compilation and organization of all new and previous information into the format of an APA-style research paper (that includes the Topic, Hypothesis, IV and DV, sample, operationalizations, procedure, and results provided to you), plus the following that you will create: a discussion, literature review, title page, and reference section. 2.      Making sure your paper is written clearly, professionally, and in APA-style, including a title-page and reference page.  Please proofread your paper and ensure that there are no typos. Please include a literature review of three peer-reviewed articles from an online database that are relevant to your hypothesis. For each article, include the following in a single paragraph: a.      Date b.      Author c.       Hypothesis d.      Sample e.      IV and DV f.        How the IV and DV are operationalized g.      Design (qualitative or quantitative) h.      Results (including which statistical analysis used) i.        Limitations and future directions j.        Relevance to your hypothesis Then, in a fourth paragraph, discuss the similarities and differences among the three articles. Including a discussion section in paragraph format, including: Whether or not your hypothesis was supported (based on your analysis of data), and the implications of that How your findings compare to previous research, providing reasons for any discrepancies The limitations of your study Suggestions for future studies A brief, take-home, conclusion   I have the previous assignments that I would need to attach after I hire the writer.

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