Mitchell versus Wisconsin Case

In May of 2013 petitioner, Gerald Mitchell was arrested after the City of Sheboygan Police Department received a 911 call of a visibly intoxicated individual operating a motor vehicle. The officer that found Mr. Gerald proceeded to administer a preliminary breath test which came back with a reading of 0.24%. While being transported to the police station Mr. Gerald past out unconsciously, the officer transporting him determined that a more incriminating test would not be possible at the station because of Mr. Gerald’s condition and instead opted to drive him to a hospital where he instructed them to draw blood from Mr. Gerald without his consent or any official warrant. After an hour and a half from his initial arrest, Mr. Gerald was charged by Prosecutors with violating Wisconsin’s drunk driving laws after results showed a blood alcohol content of 0.222% in his system.       For the rest of the essay these explanations of the supreme court’s involvement must be included: – the importance of the ruling (why is it significant) -how the case moved through the lower courts to eventually be heard by the supreme court – the powers granted to the supreme court by the constitution that allowed them to rule on the case I used this as a reference if it could be used as well for the rest of the paper plus another one  and also quote the IV amendment to support the argument

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