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Please Answer ONE of the prompts below. Must be turned in no later than 11:59 PM, Wednesday, July 8, 2020. I will accept papers until 11:59 PM July 9, 2020 but they will be subject to a 10-point penalty. No papers will be accepted after July 9. 35% of your total grade Your best source of essays on Othello is the MLA International Database on Ebsco. You can access this by logging into your HCC library account. Remember your paper should be about 1500 words, in MLA Format, use textual evidence from the play and any secondary sources. Your Works Cited page should be in MLA style. (Note: When the prompt says “Agree, Disagree, or Qualify” I mean that your thesis should state the positive case (agree), the negative case (disagree), or a positive case but . . . or negative case but . . . (qualify). Do not state that you agree or disagree with the statement.) Othello Essay Prompts (Pick ONE) TRAGIC HERO–There are several characteristics that define a tragic hero. Be sure to give your definition of a tragic hero and cite your sources. Support or refute the character of Othello as a tragic hero. Be sure to identify at least three traits that make a hero as tragic, and discuss how you perceive Othello to fit into that mold or why he does not.

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