MOD 2 Discussion Reply

Critical Position PaperWrite a critical position paper on the topic of Deforestation Policies in Pakistan relating to sustainability. Also, you can talk about the forest being viewed instrumentally/economically valuable from the policies. (This means the government is using this view of the forest as instrumentally valuable as a reason for its policy.) This paper topic is on a theoretical issue e.g., sustainability. It is needed to identify the main thesis, define the main terms used to describe it and develop a supporting argument.Now, you need to turn the skills of criticism against your own position, so that you develop a strong argument that anticipates criticism. Remember, however, that you do not need to have a defensible position that is not open to any criticism whatsoever. All positions and arguments are open to some criticism. In the end, you should have defended yourself against obvious criticisms and you should know when and how to assume what you cannot defend in the space of the paper. Your position and defense of it should be well-structured.Hide 

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