Models and Innovations in Policing

1-The City Council is considering different approaches for combating the problem; Community Policing, Problem-Oriented Policing, Broken Windows Policing and Evidence-Based/Intelligence-Led Policing.  As the expert consultant it is your job to select which approach you feel would best combat the city’s problems with the Pit and present it at the next City Council meeting for discussion. 2- Make sure you to pick one of the approaches above. The approach that you will pick may not solve the whole problem but it will fix a lot of things in the city for sure. After doing that, pick a few things that you want to fix in the city and why the approach that you picked is the best and why it will work. 3- You chose the problem-Oriented Policing. However, why did you choose this approach and not the other three approaches which are: Community Policing, Broken Windows Policing and Evidence-Based/Intelligence-Led Policing. So talk about why not choosing each one of them specifically. 4- Pros and Cons? 5- Make sure to support your statements from the uploaded files . 6- PLEASE make sure you go through the uploaded files. 7- Check this link out too! You can use it as a source too! 8- I also uploaded the book for this class. You can use Ch. 6, 13,14 for statements and sources too.  8- For the references page. You can use as many sources as you want. But make sure they’re all from the materials (uploaded files) that I provided you with.

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