Modern Arabic Cultures

In an approximately 1300 word essay develop an argument about a topic discussed using two of the sources listed in “files”. you MUST use only these sources listed below which again can be found in the “files tab”: YOU ONLY HAVE TO PICK TWO SOURCES listed here they are all listed FROM the “files” to do the essay. : -“Overview: the Arab World Today” by A. Hammond (parts 1 and two) -“The Contexts of the Literary Tradition” by R. Allen -Introduction to Orientalism by E. Said and “Reel Bad Arabs” (these count as 1 source) -“For a ‘Foreign’ Audience: The Challenges…” by M. Al-Naihi -“Laughing Through Change…” by Y. Elsayed and “Tickling Giants(VIDEO)” these count as 1 source) -“On the Meaning of Chewing: The Significance of Qat…” by D. Varisco Use direct quotes from the texts. Use MLA documentation style, which includes both in-text citations and a Works Cited page. The essay must include a title, an introduction ending with a thesis statement, supporting evidence from the reading, and a conclusion. See syllabus for formatting. DO NOT USE THE PHRASING “I” IN THE ESSAY

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