Motivation keeps us going on a daily basis. Motivation can get you up in the morning, get you to class each day, and influence you to complete a paper late at night. Your activity for this assignment is related to the concept of motivation by considering the concept of lying. First, go to the website below and take the motivation quiz (be sure to take the Individual Survey): (Links to an external site.) Once completed, review the results that are provided to you. Then, write a brief report in which you answer the following questions THOROUGHLY. 1. Report your total motivation factor (out of 100). 2. Discuss your direct and indirect motive results. 3. In your opinion, are these results accurate? 4. How will know this information about your motivation impact you (or not)? 5. Which results, if any, were you surprised by? 6. Add in 1-2 quotes for sourcing to back up your viewpoint.

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