Motivational Interviewing Reflection

Answer the following questions about Motivational Interviewing in a reflective manner from a student pharmacist to a patient. ? Reflect on yourself and assess your own changes. Describe a time when you had to make a behavioral change. How did you do it? Do you now recognize the stages through which you progressed?  Pharmacists must accurately assess the patient’s stage of readiness and adapt to it in order be effective  These are the stages of Change:  Precontemplation – Not ready to changeØ  Contemplation – Thinking about changingØ  Preparation – Preparing to changeØ Action – Actively changing  Maintenance – Continuing to support the changeØ ? How do you think you would be able to determine what stage a patient is in (as related to change)?” ? How would you move a patient from one stage to the next? (you can start anywhere on the continuum) ? What would you modify (add or subtract) from the self-study materials to make them more useful to you.

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