Mr. Robot

This is the instruction from my professor: For this discussion, watch Mr. Robot: Season 1, Episode 1. Also, read “Can Television Be Considered Literature and Taught in English Classes?” and watch the video shared below “Beyond Film: Television & Literature.” It is important to be an active reader and viewer by taking notes. Make sure you spend time this article and watching this video before beginning the discussion. No plagiarism or you will have a zero!! Initial Post: 1. Based on the video, “Beyond Film: Television & Literature,” and the reading about television as literature, write about the point(s) that made the most impact on you and explain why. Make sure to use evidence (quote or paraphrase) from the video and text. 2. Provide some notes on the literary elements you see within the Mr. Robot pilot (plot, character, setting, etc.). You can provide these in note form. 3. Explain Marxism , and using evidence from the episode, develop a brief analysis using the first episode of Mr. Robot.

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