Multicultural Society Diabetes in Hispanic

The concept paper is a short introduction to the population and health disparity that you are researching.

-You will first define a cultural group that you feel you have an active identity around or involvement with.
-For this community, introduce a topic of your choosing and present data that supports your beliefs about a certain health disparity in a given population; alternatively, you can discuss why you think the existing data does NOT support the existence of the health concern.

-A description of the population youare addressing
-A brief background of the disparity in your population
-Significance of this disparity (its impact on the population)
-Factors influencing its existence (why it is especially prevalent among your chosen population)

Organize these factors based on the socio-ecological model presented in class

This paper should be 3 pages (double-spaced) and shows that you are making sufficient progress towards your final paper. It is a rough introduction and presents your main ideas.

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