The Structure of the Technical ReportPrepare a technical report based on Legal, Social and Ethical issues related to Multimedia.The technical report should be followed the given structure:Report should follow the given structure:Introduction (what is Multimedia?) (10 MARKS)Body: Legal, Social and Ethical issues in Multimedia (what are the Legal, Social and Ethical issues in Multimedia? discuss them)(10 MARKS)Proposed solutions to Legal, Social and Ethical issues. (use diagrams and examples)(10 MARKS)Results, recommendation and Summary :Discuss the strategic environment for protecting Multimedia.(10 MARKS)References.Documentation Format:Required parts should be complete; all figures, tables and diagrams are clearly and logically identified and strongly support the text.The report should include a professional cover page and index. Proper font type (choose either Times New Roman or Arial for the entire document), black color and size 12 are applied with appropriate margins. Choose line spacing 2. Make all subheadings bold. Justify.All pages must be numbered.Please do it in a neat A4 Sheet.Number of pages between (10-20) pages.The plagiarism for the final report must be not more than 20%.

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