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You will be required to complete a research paper on your chosen career path. Here, you will research the different degree types and requirements needed to get to your goal of having whatever career you choose. You will look into the average salaries of your future career and also look into the job availability prospects in the future of your chosen path. Is this a field that is growing or will be growing in the future? Are there multiple educational paths to get to this career? Do you need an advanced degree to get there? If so, why did you choose the specific on you are partaking in? Different things like this will be explored so that you can delve into just what it takes to achieve your long-term career goals. This paper has a 1,250 word minimum. You are required to include a Title Page and References page in proper APA format. An Abstract and Table of Contents is not required, however, proper headings and subheadings within the body of the paper are strongly recommended. The Title and References pages do not count towards the 1,250 word minimum. This paper will be worth 250 points or 25% of your final grade. Please see the attachment for format and structure.

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