My Pistol Packing Kids

After reading the PDF article “My pistol Packing Kids,Preview the document” address ONE of the following questions in a 2 full page essay: 1- Why do you think Marzollo chooses the first person point of view to develop her argument? How do you suppose Marzollo hopes the first person approach will affect her readers? 2- What kinds of games involving pretended violence, destruction, and death did you play as a child? What was your parents’ reaction? 3- From your experience, do you think all children play games of pretended violence? Would you say such play is “normal”? Explain. 4- It has been said that play is “the child’s’ work” meaning that through play children try on new behaviors and skills and test their abilities? What things specifically can children learn through play? 5- What might be some of the reasons that adults like violent action movies? Do you see any connection between children’s fantasy play and the popularity of these films? Are these films beneficial, harmless, or dangerous for people to view? Why? 6- Marzollo contends that childhood play with weapons isn’t a cause of violence among adults. What, then, do you think are the roots of such violence? 7- What does Marzollo mean by saying that playing with toy guns is “refined”? How is it “effective” and safe?

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