Nasser and the Islamists

Gamal Nasser was the national hero of Egyptian independence who also effectively lead the Arab World from 1956 to 1970. When looking at primary sources, what views did Nasser seem to hold in common with Sayyid Qutb? Given these similarities, why did the Muslim Brotherhood attempt to assassinate Nasser? Nasser also had Qutb sentenced to death after Qutb published “Milestones”, what passages in that text motivated Nasser to execute Qutb? Use any number of quotes from the following readings: Egypt on the Brink, Chapter 2 “Nasser and Arab Nationalism” (pages 41-76), Chapter 3 “The Islamists” (pages 77-114) Nasser, “Morrow of Independence” (page 74-79), Chapter 4 “The Rise of Liberal Capitalism” (pages 115-143) Sayyid Qutb, Milestones (pages 5-17)

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