National Identity Art Design

Make sure you follow the instruction. Create your own exhibit digitally via presentation software (Prezi, PowerPoint). Your exhibition should respond to Amy Tucker’s chapter “The Museum as Context”, and a title slide/image with approximately 150 – 200 words should explain how your exhibition does this. You can design your exhibition around a particular artist, movement, style, period, theme, or formal element (such as color). The “exhibition” must combine images and text, and you are required to research your chosen artworks in order to write texts that reflect the historical context and iconographic/symbolic content of the chosen works. Each image must have an appropriate title/caption (see your textbook for the appropriate way to caption an image). The text for each image should be approximately 150 words. Finally, you must submit a bibliography of works cited for the exhibition text. Online sources are strictly prohibited, you must use academic sources.

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