Native American

Under Andrew Jackson and his successor, Martin Van Buren, 70,000 Native people were forced westward. Between 1830 and 1838, most of the Five Civilized Tribes (Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole, Creek, and Chickasaw) were expelled from the southern states and were forced to make their way to Indian Territory formally created by the Indian Intercourse Act of 1834 (the territory that later became Oklahoma). After screening the Trail of Tears video, you will see that Native American leaders like John Ross opposed forced migration and relocation of their people and were determined to stay land they had deep ties to. Others, like the Ridge faction, agreed to move west in order to live free of interference from whites. (If you want a longer, more in depth version of the video, use the We Shall Remain Episode 3 link provided in the Learning Module instead — it’s 1:12 hours long so be prepared if you choose to watch this one), Given the choice, what would you have done as a Cherokee person under the same circumstances? Grapple with being realistic, idealistic, versus practical, and provide the best course of action for you (and your family

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