Negative Effects of Biosolids

Your essay should be an argumentative essay of approximately 1,000-1,200 words. -Citations should be in APA format. Remember: – Towards the end of your introductory paragraph, you should clearly state your thesis-statement  – Each paragraph should follow the structure “Claim because of two reasons based on evidence.” – Your evidence must be relevant and scientific (use one ingredient for each evidence). – One of your paragraph in your essay should acknowledge and respond to the counterclaim. That is, you hould know what your opponent’s argument is so that you can better know your own position. – You are writing for an intelligent, educated audience that does not have content knowledge. You should assume that your reader doesn’t know very much about what biosolids are, why they are important, and why we might be concerned about their use as fertilizers (or not). Things to keep in mind when writing this paper: 1. You will need to explain (briefly) what biosolids are, how they are made, and why we would consider applying them to farmland. 2. The concept of “safety” is not the same for everyone. You need to be clear about what what is “safe” and “unsafe” according to you. Think of them as being “warrants,” that is, as the bridge between your claim and your reason(s). a. Not because something causes harm, it is automatically “unsafe” and should always be avoided. b. Any activity contain a risk. Be clear about the threshold for applying biosolids to agricultural lands (use governmental regulations if necessary). c. Not just because we lack evidence for harm, something is “safe”. Not just because something is “safe”, we should do it. 5. If you argue that applying biosolids to farmlands is not safe because of a specific contaminant, you need to demonstrate a number of independent things: a. That the contaminant causes harm to animals, or people. b. That the contaminant is present in biosolids. c. That there is an established pathway for the contaminant to enter the food chain from biosolids. d. That the accumulation of the contaminant within the food chain is sufficiently high to cause the harmful effects listed in A.

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