Negligence and Medical Malpractice

In this episode, the student is presented with the case of a patient who needlessly develops a staph infection, following an unrelated surgery. Though the patient survives, the infection leaves her with permanent lung damage, and the hospital is later sued with negligence. View the assigned Healthcare Law LearnScape interactive episode in the Jones & Bartlett website (DB2 LearnScape Case Study). You will be presented with a negligence case stemming from an incident in the hospital. You must interview staff members and work with the General Counsel to determine the hospital’s liability for negligence and medical malpractice. You will need to gather information about the incident from the parties involved and work with the Health Care System’s General Counsel to determine the hospital’s liability. Prompt: Based on the information you gathered from the LearnScape video interviews, research, and a biblical worldview, analyze this incident and write your recommendation to the Chief Counsel regarding negligence/malpractice liability. Directly address the 4 elements required to prove negligence: 1. Duty to care 2. Breach of duty 3. Injury 4. Causation (specifically foreseeability)

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