Neurological Changes in Aging Critique Paper Guidelines/ Topic neurological changes that happen as one ages focus on the fascinating world of the brain; what a powerful organ it is. Weighing in at only about 3 pounds, the brain controls everything about you from your emotions to regulation of your heartbeat. Now, you will learn about how age affects the brain. The brain through technological imaging Basic anatomy of the brain and how it functions How age affects the brain’s structure and functioning How the brain learns to compensate for age-related changes (plasticity is a beautiful thing!) Research findings on the influence of exercise and nutrition on the brain Critique Paper Guidelines for the videos The goal of the critique of aging and to encourage you to think more deeply and critically about what you are reading. It is not only important to read and understand, but to know how to critically think about what you are reading. For the critique papers, 2-page papers with 2 videos posted. The papers should consist of, at minimum, a brief summary of the videos, what you found valid and/or questionable about the videos and why (support your suppositions with evidence either from the text or valid/reputable internet sites), and your reaction to the article (i.e. what you found interesting, surprising, challenging, etc.) You will be graded on the following: ü  Clear and a concise summary of the videos showing a full understanding of the research. ü  In-depth, well thought out critique of the videos using evidence to support the position. ü  Thoughtful reflection on the article in the reaction section. ü  Writing (spelling, grammar, punctuation, the organization, paragraphs, clear and understandable sentences)

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