New Manager Resolution

ou are a manager of a small radiology department. One of your long-time technologists from the evening shift moves away from the area, leaving an opening for you to fill. You post an opening and interview three candidates for the job. All seem qualified for the position; however, one candidate has significantly more experience than the other two candidates and so you hire the candidate with the most experience. The evening shift is comprised of three technologists. One technologist is proficient in CT and Diagnostic radiology. The other two (the existing tech and the new hire) are single-modality technologists: Diagnostic/Fluoroscopy. The evening shift work flow is composed of primarily Emergency Department exams. There is a dedicated radiology room located in the Emergency Department and the main department is a short distance away. The evening supervisor (the CT/Diag tech) assigns the two diagnostic technologists a rotating schedule to run the ED room and the other to staff the main department. The department technologist is responsible for covering any late surgery procedures, portable exams, and to help the ED technologist when possible. Both diagnostic technologists are opinionated and have a quick temper. One night, tempers flared and the two technologists start yelling at each other over a seemingly petty issue. The supervisor is summoned and breaks up the two before actual blows are struck. The next day, the Supervisor reports seeing aggressive postures, yelling, and a near fist-fight in the ED Radiology room. The Evening Supervisor is new to management and needs some help with the situation. What actions would you take in this situation? Submit your resolution following the writing guidelines.

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