New Product Roll-out Strategy

“Schering-Plough HealthCare Products Inc. decided several years ago to  expand its product line by developing pocket-size sticks and sprays of Coppertone sunscreen,pre-viously only available as lotions packaged in squeeze bottles. The company placed a strategic emphasis on developing markets for this product. The company knew from market research studies that its Coppertone customers were already using the prod-uct in its original squeeze container at the beach. Due to increased awareness of the dangers of excessive skin exposure,consumers who had not previously used sunscreen except when at the beach were looking for a daily sunscreen product.  Company man-agers reasoned that their market could be expanded significantly if the product were repackaged to fit conveniently in consumers’pockets,purses,and gym bags.   As the firm plans to roll out their new pocket-sized sunscreen sticks and sprays, discuss the training implications for the manufacturing team -OR-  2) the sales team What will the team you choose to discuss need to do differently and how will the training department be involved?

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