New York City Police Department 

Conduct research on the New York City Police Department corruption case brought to the attention of the world by Frank Serpico. 9 pages Double spaced 12 point font Times New Roman or Courier New font 1” margin Include reference page using American Psychological Association (APA) format guidelines (not included in word count) Organization: Part One: An opening paragraph describing the topic and ultimate conclusion Part Two: A detailed description of the events that occurred and the ethical issues involved Part Three: Relate the actions of both the unethical officers and of Detective Serpico to the philosophical precepts we have discussed in class this semester. Part Four: Conclusions based on your research and class readings as to the consequences of unethical behavior to the system, society, and individual citizens. The following issues must be covered within the report: Organizational Cultural issues, (how did this environment affect the level and duration of the corruption?) Historical context, include your theories on why the corruption occurred Moral courage, (For example, – what were the particularly courageous acts involved?) Politics (Note, in this context “politics” refers to the personal and/or group dynamics within the NYPD. It does NOT relate to political parties or affiliation with any political party.) Additionally: Create a cover page for your assignment Include an abstract

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