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1) Select a news storySelect a current headline news story and read the coverage of the same storyfrom THREE different news sources.1) From the link below select one news source from the LEFT, the RIGHT, andthe CENTER. You can choose whether you want to select from theleft/right source columns or the left/right-leaning source columns. AnalyzeAnswer all of the following prompts.1) Summarize the news story you selected in your own words. Yoursummary should neutrally convey the facts of the story. What happened?2) Compare how the same story was covered across the three differentnews sources you selected. How did the sources differ in their coverageof the same story? How were they the same? Did an outlet seemmore/less biased to you compared to the other outlets? Why?• Really push yourself to provide some critical analysis here.3) Based on the NY Times article you read this week, “Biased News Media orBiased Readers? An Experiment on Trust,” how important do you think itis for individuals to seek out varied news sources, including sources thatdiffer from personal bias? Provide details to explain your answer.4) From this week’s lecture on the media, describe the market model andthe propaganda model approach to explaining the role of the media.Please describe the models in your own words.5) Based on your experience and your comparison of news sources for thisassignment, which model (market or propaganda) would you argue bestdescribes the way the mainstream news media behaves within the U.S.the political system today? Why? Provide examples to support yourargument.• All 5 prompts above must be answered.• Your paper should have an original title.• Include your name, professor’s name, class title, and due date in the upper left- hand corner of the first page.• You may use “I” in your response.

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